GI_Forum provides a platform for dialogue among geospatial minds, informing the GeoInformation Society, contributing to a more just, ethical and sustainable society.

GI_Forum 2020 connecting spatially – virtually

This year’s GI_Forum has originally been planned with the theme “connecting spatially” in mind and the question about how Geoinformatics as a method became a key discipline of digitalization in all spheres of our daily lives.

While the theme of our conference didn’t change, the circumstances surrounding it certainly did: Due to the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s GI_Forum will take place as virtual conference, together with the German-language AGIT and its EXPO – all under the umbrella term “GI_Week”. We’re excited to try new formats together with you, especially designed to enhance connection between us.

GI_Forum is organized by the University of Salzburg, under the coordination of the Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS and in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

New digital formats to maximize networking opportunities

Networking between participants will continue to be a key aspect of this year’s virtual GI_Forum. Communication-enhancing, digital formats will allow experts in research and development and the industry sector to discuss the latest issues and applications, gain hands-on experience in live workshops, or chat during one of our virtual social events.

Exhibitors will be presenting their latest products in the “digital Foyer” and be available for one-on-one meetings via a private chatroom.

This new digital format allows us to think in new dimensions and will at the same time serve as prototypes for future hybrid conferences.


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